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Naughty Dog Working Hard to Push The Last of Us on PS4 Past 60 FPS

The Last of Us on PS4 is coming next month, and it seems that Naughty Dog is putting all the bells and whistles onto their remaster.

Naughty Dog is currently hard at work to improve performance and squash the last few bugs slowing down the game, as mentioned by the new programmer Corrinne Yu over Twitter.
"We are coding hard over the weekends with our Naughty Dog graphics team to push The Last of Us past 60 fps.
Lead programmer Christian Gyrling is also working hard to iron the last performance bugs that are slowing the game down.
"After 4 days of digging around in CPU/GPU traces I finally figured out what was slowing us down. On to the next perf bug! #TheLastOfUs#PS4
 Yu also shared more on the overtime she has to do to create the spectacular Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer.
"To graphics code head, face, Drake’s shirt for Uncharted 4 PS4 trailer, I slept over night at ND office many times. Such is reality.