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S&S Perspective: Top 5 PS Vita Games of 2012

When the PS Vita launched back in February of last year, it seems like there was a game released for it every week.  Since then, it has cooled off quite a bit.  It was still a pretty successful year for Sony's new portable, and I wanted to list some of my favorite titles featured on the system.

5. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
I know this game was just an HD remake of MGS 2 and 3, but they were extremely well done.  Some may say that this is the ideal way to play these games, even more than the PS3 version.  The visuals have never been better, thanks to the smaller, crisper screen, and it was just a joy to back and experience two of the best PS2 games ever.  If thats not enough for you, I don't know what is.

4. Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush was one of those games I discussed in my top 5 soundtracks category, but the actual gameplay itself was pretty favorable as well as the wonderful music.  The game didn't sell all that great, and we might not see another game with Kat in it, besides Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, and thats just a shame.  If you've never played the game before, I suggest you at least give it a try. 

3. Rayman Origins
How could anyone forget about the lovable Rayman, Origins was a terrific game from start to finish.  It brought a lot of new elements never before seen in a Rayman game before, but it still felt nostalgic in the end.  This may have been the most visually impressive title on the Vita, Rayman has never looked so good.  It was pretty easy to place this one at my number 3 spot. 

2.  Uncharted Golden Abyss
Uncharted Golden Abyss wasn't the same as it's console brother, but it was a damn good game.  It was longer than Uncharted 3, but it didn't have bigger set pieces.  The graphics were highly detailed, and the controls were tight, even the touch screen controls were solid.  For a launch title, it was surprisingly polished.  I can't wait to see what more developers will do with the power of system, as it's lifecycle rolls on.

1. Persona 4 Golden
This was an easy choice for me, Persona 4 Golden was my favorite Vita game this year.  This was another remake, but in terms of sheer content, no other game can even compare. The game can easily last you more than 100 hours, and can still feel compelling.  P4G made me a bigger fan of the franchise as a whole, and I'm looking forward to more games out of the series.  

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  1. Rube Cordryson1/04/2013

    I don't know if you can really say that the Playstation Vita had a successful year by any stretch of the imagination

  2. Staff_Writer_SamK1/04/2013

    I can

  3. Rube Cordryson1/04/2013

    Lack of original games, failure of games that were supposed to be system sellers (Call of Duty Declassified and Ass Creed Liberation) financially and critically, TERRIBLE sales of the console by all measures (demolished by the 3DS and the PSP worldwide), and a lack of promise for the future of the console without a price drop, over-expensive memory cards, need I go on?

  4. Staff_Writer_SamK1/04/2013

    haha come on man, Assassins creed Liberation was a good game, everybody knows Declassified sucked, nobody disagrees with you there. The only reason the 3DS sold more was because Nintendo had to knock $100 bucks off the original price cuz nobody was buying their new hardware. Sony showed a little more faith with their new hardware.

  5. Rube Cordryson1/05/2013

    Faith shouldn't be mistaken for naive stubbornness, and Sony is absolutely guilty of the latter in the face of a changed handheld market where iOS and Android dominate at a low price point. Nintendo had to drop the price so that people would buy the 3DS because the fact is nobody wants to pay 250 for a dedicated gaming handheld when iOS and Android have many great games, at a very low price, and the hardware is also fairly inexpensive for something with so many functions. Fact is Sony has been totally clueless and ignorant in regards to the Vita. They need to wise up to the fact that the price is the reason for the demise, and slash it soon, or at least include a memory card with a practical amount of memory because those things are stupidly expensive. Also, Sony is failing the Vita even beyond the price. Do you remember the Vita having any presence at E3? How bad a sign is it when Sony isn't even promoting their own game machine on the biggest stage in the world. They could've announced Tearaway there and gotten the masses buzzing, but they waited so only people who pay attention will have it on their radar. If I were Sony, I would start ponying up the dough to get that Vita version of Bioshock off the ground, would get to work on a Monster Hunter-esque game to get the system selling in Japan because Nintendo has Monster Hunter locked down for the foreseeable future and maybe take another stab at Call of Duty, maybe this time though get the multiplayer right, because the one thing the 10 gajillion people playing CoD want us multiplayer, which declassified fucked up. Price drop is a priority though.

  6. Staff_Writer_SamK1/05/2013

    Good points, it was still a good year in my opinion. We had some great games, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Persona and so on. Once Sony drops the price of the damn thing, they will sell a lot more hardware. You're exactly right about the E3 point, I'm sure they're gonna announce more content for the Vita at E3 2013, aside from the PS4 talk.