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S&S Thought on Skyrim...

Title: Skyrim
Format: PS3, Xbox , PC
Release Date: November 11, 2011
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
ESRB Rating:M

As an avid PS3 gamer and general person who enjoys video games, I have come to covet Bethesda as a GOTY studio. Pumping out amazing games, my love of Bethesda started with Oblivion (Elder Scrolls), and I soon found Skyrim most pleasing to my adventurer bone that is till took an arrow to the knee… I know a well used and non-gamer puzzling joke but there it is.
Now as a PS3 user you can see how I am confused, then earlier Bethesda released a press statement say the Dragonborn DLC the newest of the 3 already released will be available to my PC and fellow PS3 player early next year.
Now Bethesda that is great news, I couldn't be happier my, inner Dragon smiles on you…If I were for free. Some may not know but we PS3 players who bought the game at the same time as Xbox and PC have yet to even receive our first DLC. Yet we are supposed to be happy with just one. I hope Bethesda has sense to make this DLC free for PS3 because we have already been cheated out of 2. I love Skyrim and will continue to play the game, but personally if Bethesda thinks im going to pay 9.99 for our first DLC out of 3, they are mistaken.
What you guys think? This has been my thoughts on Skyrim.

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  1. I have and love a PS3, and purchased Skyrim. I, and many other PS3 owners experienced huge problems with the game, relating to the PS3 RAM storage formatting. Personally, I am enraged at Bethesda for not only releasing a broken game onto the system, but even after it hit the market, doing nothing to solve the problem. It should be a quick fix. They could have it so items you drop go away after thirty minutes. I am very embarrassed for the company and angry so I will not be supporting Bethesda anymore.