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S&S Preview: The War-Z

Title: The War-Z
Format: PC
Release Date: TBA
Publisher: Arktos Entertainment
Developer: Hammerpoint Interactive
Price: Various Prices
ESRB Rating: RP

Like most people in the gaming world I have a passion for two things. Zombies and Guns. Now when these two things are combined within a single video game I cannot contain my excitement and control my sense of anticipation. We have seen games like left for dead and dead island thrive and receive excellent reviews from nearly all who played them. There is just something about a game which combines these two factors that  makes it not only a great game, but a great success to the game industry as a whole.
This year we have seen the release of Day-Z which is a mod for the popular shooter game ARMA II. This mod contains not only zombie and guns, but a survival aspect and also a major focus on pvp. This was without a doubt the first game/mod to ever mix these factors together with great success and create a game which is not only mind-blowing, but keeps the player wanting to come back for more. Wanting to loot that extra house before they log off or wanting to find an upgrade for the fire axe which they have fed up with. The game gives the player a sense of fear, as they know that if they are killed by either a zombie or a player they will lose everything they have, and all the hard hours they have put in looting various locations will be wasted. No other game offers this type of feeling and game play  This is why there have been a number of people asking the question, why are there not more types of games like this? Well now there are more starting to appear.
The War-z has arrived on the scene during the summer, offering the same type of game play as day-z with a number of different features which are exclusive to War-z. Many have argued that war-z copied day-z in every way imaginable, but what I do not understand is that if people love day-z and the gameplay, why are they complaining that another game is being released which offers the same aspects. Surely it means that they can choose to play either of the two and enjoy both.
But anyway back to War-z. I have been interested in this game for a long time now, and often find myself scouting YouTube for the latest videos and news. It is a zombie survival MMO, where you play as a character either in a first person or a third person view. You will explore a vast open world, encountering not only a vast amount of terrifying zombies but also a number of players, who will either decide to leave you alone, ask you to help them, or try to kill you and steal all of you hard earned loot. This is what gives games like these an edge over other zombie games. They engross the player and make them feel as though it really is a life or death situation, and leave you prone in the middle of a field scared of being an easy target for a sniper laying in wait. War-z will offer a massive open world where you will find a lot of different loot, such as guns, ammo, food, armour, hats ect. These will be vital and you will need to ensure that your have enough food and water to survive but also enough ammo to keep you feeling safe. 
There will also be  a marketplace where you can buy a number of different items which you can use in game. An in game currency is used to purchase these items. A feature which they have implemented enables you to make your own strongholds. These can range from a small fort to keep your safe from zombies, to zombie gladiator arenas. This feature is very interesting and I am looking forward to trying it out and exploring all of the possible designs which I can come up with.
All in all this game looks fantastic and  I cannot wait to start playing. I will not however be able to tell you guys much about the game once I start playing it as there is an NDA which stops people from talking about the game until the a certain time and I don't know exactly when this is. But as soon as I can expect a review on this game and hopefully it will be positive.