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S&S Review: Lights, Camera, Party!

Title: Lights, Camera, Party!
Format: PS3
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Frima Studio Inc.
Price: $29.99 ($15 for PS+ Subscribers)
ESRB Rating: E

Playstation Move owners are finally getting a fun, mini-game packed downloadable title for all of their motion desires.  Lights, Camera, Party! is a good time to be had with friends, and a new stand out in the party game genre.  

Presentation and Story:
There aren't too many party games with a story, but in LCP, you will actually be treated to a light hearted narrative to go along with the game's 50 mini-games.  You start off choosing a member of the humorously named Funzini family and completing these mini-games to build the family's dream house.  The game looks really good, it has a real cutesy and cartoony look to it.  There are a lot of funny animations and expressions the characters express that really make this game feel unique.  The host of the show is great as well, he consistently narrates everything that happens on screen. Some of his lines can get annoying at times, but the majority of what he says is amusing.  The music in the game is okay, but it never gets in the way and become irritating by any means.  I love the atmosphere and presentation of this game, the game show themes incorporated in LCP really bring the game to life.  
Core Gameplay and Multiplayer:
The gameplay in LCP is pretty straightforward, depending on which mode you select, you'll be completing tons of mini-games alone or with someone else.  You don't need multiple Move controllers, which is a plus, you can just simple pass the Move controller to different players.  The story mode won't last you that long, but you'll have two other modes at your disposal.  Survival mode being my favorite, will pit you head to head with a buddy completing a number of mini-games while trying to stay alive.  Adding replayability to your game can be a headache, replaying the Story mode to unlock more mini-games will get boring pretty quickly.  For $30 bucks, the game is pretty shallow, but it doesn't take away from the fun you can have with a group of people.  I wish that there was more variety in the modes, or more games period.  
Final Thoughts:
Lights, Camera, Party! is a good party game, and with the right people, can even be a blast.  Even though the game is shockingly shallow, you won't be forgetting the fun you'll be having while playing.
S&S Rating: 7/10