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S&S Review: Starhawk

Title: Starhawk
Format: PS3
Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: LightBox Interactive
Price: $59.99
ESRB Rating: T

Starhawk is the spiritual successor to the early PS3 exclusive Warhawk, but does it live up to the amount of hype the game has received?

Presentation and Story:
The narrative isn't a stand out in the game, lets face it, the campaign is basically a tutorial for you to learn all the new mechanics for multiplayer.  You will follow and play as Emmett Graves, he is infected by rift energy, making him a minority in the Starhawk universe.  It never pans out to be a complex story, but I don't believe it wants, and theres no problem with that.  The graphics in the game look great, it is similar to Warhawk, but its a lot cleaner and crisper than the previous.  Just the vast and diverse environments will leave you in awe, even while playing online, the game impresses.  With all the beautiful explosions and hectic gameplay, the framerate stays solid, and never really buckles under pressure.  The soundtrack is great, it meets the high standard that the previous game set, the score sounds astounding.  Voice work, or what little of it, is solid.  Especially of Emmett Graves, the actor captures him and brings him to life.  Overall, the presentation in Starhawk is impressive, and a clear standout in the game.
Core Gameplay and Multiplayer:
If you have played Warhawk, then to its core, you'll know how the gameplay is.  Given, there have been a number of cool additions, including hawks that can transform into giant mechs, and the addition of the new and cool Battle and Build System.  A hardcore RTS fan like myself completely appreciated and welcomed this new methodology.  As you acquire Rift energy, this allows you to call in airdrops of Garages and platforms for your hawks.  Also defensive measures including stubborn walls and tall towers for all your sniping pleasures.  When you transfer this online to the hectic 32 player online, it can be a pain.  Random players have a tendency to fill your base with multiple garages and landing platforms, which presents a problem because of the space limitations.  The BnB system can even be its greatest feature though, players with the greatest teamwork and deepest imagination can become unbeatable.  Having the flag completely engulfed by walls is cool and unique, no other game on the market can say that they have that option.  You'll need to have a good team, and with the deep clan support, it won't be hard to organize your online time with the game.  The tight gameplay and controls make it snap to jump right in for Warhawk veterans, and series newcomers.
Final Thoughts:
Starhawk is a great game, it can take some time getting used to the Battle and Build system, but when you do, it takes the game to new heights.  A tutorial style single player campaign isn't a negative, it opens you up to the expansive and robust online multiplayer.  PS3 owners have another exclusive they can brag about to their 360 counterparts.

Final Rating = 8.5/10
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  1. Anonymous5/09/2012

    this game is pure fun

  2. GeenSimmons5/09/2012

    just bought it man

    1. Good choice, I rented but soon will purchase.

  3. Good reviews Sam, just joined up!

  4. Anonymous5/10/2012

    Damn, cant wait to play this game! Day ONE purchase for me, and tomorrow the 11th of May, IS day one. Ive been watching all the multiplayer gameplay videos on youtube and this looks like the kind of game Ive been looking for. Screw the single player campaign. I bought BF3 just for the multiplayer and didnt even bother with the campaign much at all, and Ill be buying this game purely for the multiplayer too!

    1. As you should man, this game is definitely built for multiplayer gameplay. You should still experience the single player campaign though.