Monday, October 31, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Uncharted 3

Nathan Drake is back with the third entry in the completely awesome series Uncharted.  This series has been known for its gorgeous visuals, great story, and even stellar voice acting.  The gameplay isn't too shabby either, its even tighter than the last game.  Platforming is also a key feature in the game and it returns better than ever, jumping to a ledge and have then have the ledge crumble before sending you flying down never gets old.  Once again, Nathan Drake is in search of lost treasure in a mysterious land and it completely draws you in.  Puzzles are clever and they'll have you thinking and referring you to your handy journal.  Thanks to the incredibly impactful animations of a hand-to-hand assault, it s even fun to just use your fists to bash your enemies heads in.  Enemy AI is the only flaw I found in the game that bothered me, but even that couldn't halter this incredible experience.  Online is back and I love it, especially the co-op adventure mode which implements story sequences as you fight off waves of enemies.  Great story, gameplay , and an addictive online make this the best game this year.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: PixelJunk SideScroller

I've never been the biggest fan of the PixelJunk games other than Eden, and I've never even touched Shooter.  I just needed to establish that for all you hardcore PixelJunk fans.  The game looks awesome, but thats no surprise, the folks at Q-games never disappoint when it comes to audio and visuals.  This is a 2D shooter very similar to Gradius, and the R-type games.  There isn't much else to the game but that, but that doesn't make it a bad game.  It makes it a little shallow, and short.  There are but three stages made up of four short levels each and then a "last stage" with a boss.  Like I previously stated there isn't much else in the game so the $10 may be a little much for some and may be just enough for many.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: inFamous Festival of Blood

The inFamous series is one of my new favorite franchises of the past couple of years and any chance to play any new content that features playing time with Cole, I'll jump quickly to play it.  Festival of Blood wasn't quite what I expected but it was more than I hoped.  The $10 title is awesome but a little on the short side.  I'm not gonna spoil the story but something goes wrong, and Cole gets transformed into a vampire.  New moves have been added in, one cool one allows you to fly around the city as a group of bats.  If you enjoy the gameplay of inFamous, you will like Festival of Blood just as well.  There isn't much else to review, if you love inFamous, you'll love the expansion.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

If you've read over my twitter profile a few times you might have seen that I am a Dragon Ball Z enthusiast. First off this DBZ game is the best looking one so far.  Since their making DBZ games annually now, its nice to see a big change in visuals.  Character models have never looked so impressive including Goku's bulging muscles.  As battles wage on you'll notice cosmetic damage on your players, as in previous games.  Environment damage is awesome this year, when you let off a kamehameha, your surroundings will dismember in front of you.  Boss battles are awesome they mix quick-time events with melee to make these cool encounters interactive and fun.  Hero Mode was my most anticipated mode of this game, unfortunately its the most limited mode.  You can't really do much outside of create a hero and battle him.  Story mode is cool but battles get a little repetitive, even then I still had a good time.  Overall this iteration of DBZ falls short but for a hardcore fan it still pretty awesome.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Battlefield 3

Oh the multiplayer behemoth is back with its third official installment with Battlefield 3.  I want you guys to focus on what I previously stated about the multiplayer.  This game is not about singleplayer, you will confirm this when you play the singleplayer campaign.  The campaign is a little lack-luster when you compare it to other games.  You will spend most of your time in multiplayer, the online on the other hand is fantastic.  I love the maps as well, there so diverse you'll instantly fall in love with them.  The are massive and the sense of scope will draw you in.  Battlefield 3's rewards and progression will keep you coming back to its online for many days.  If you hadn't notice by all the screenshots and videos, the game is gorgeous.  It challenges the likes of games like Crysis 2  and Killzone 3. Audio is all over the place so if you have a surround sound headset you might wanna put them on asap.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: PayDay: The Heist

PayDay the Heist is a cool game with a great concept with couple of game hindering bugs, saying all that, its still a good game to play.  The  game is all about completing 6 different missions alone or with buddies.  The gunplay is as polished as a COD or Killzone but I easily overlooked it because of the cool objectives like taking hostages, destroying security cameras, and drilling panic rooms.  You will want to play the game with 3 other friends because the games AI for your partners are awful.  This is a good looking game overall, with a few rough edges like clipping and a couple of frame rate issues here and there.  If you're looking for fun co-op multiplayer on PS3 or PC its no problem dropping $20 on this good game.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: The Cursed Crusade

Before you guys criticize me, let me say the Cursed Crusade is not a bad game.  Firstly, you have to play the game with a buddy to enjoy.  The game offers splitscreen and online.  Me and a buddy finished the game all the way through using the splitscreen feature.  If you play trough the game alone you won't have a good time with it.  The gameplay is solid but not explosive, it will get repetitive but I managed to look past it.  The story is okay I guess, you'll notice the big twist if you've played the demo.  Go out and give it a try if you're curious.  The discounted price is welcomed with open arms, but still be cautious with your hard-earned money.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Ratchet And Clank All 4 One

The Ratchet and Clank series is another notable Sony exclusive franchise that always attracted me.  All 4 One introduces a new feature, the 4-player co-op experience.  This new element combines the usual fun gun play, platforming, and space travel into an overall fun experience.  Once you start playing through it more you'll notice the easier difficulty the game has.  I believe the game is for the younger crowd but its still a lot of fun.  Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious himself are the main characters around.  You'll also notice the great writing the game has.  I caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times.  Online works great, I didn't receive any game ruining lag, if you don't have a connection the game also supports local play.  Split screen is always a welcome addition in my book.  The game looks gorgeous as always, and it has a smooth and solid frame-rate.  We all know that Insomniac knows how to make great games.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Batman Arkham City

Ah as soon as October 18 2011 came around I went to my local Gamestop and purchased this gem of a game.  Even the ridiculous Gamestop shtick didn't get on my nerves as it usually does.  Now the game, is awesome as you probably have heard many times by now.  Batman's bulging muscles have never looked more impressive, the game overall is gorgeous.  The story in the game is awesome so far, I'm just about five hours in and I'm completely engrossed into it.  Voice actors are great as always, Mark Hamill is my second favorite joker, behind Heath Ledgers of course.  Gameplay is solid as ever, I love to fight in this game.  The one button mechanic is awesome.  I love how open the game is as well seeing how Arkham Asylum was so linear.  Atmosphere is a big thing as well, me being a Batman fan, I can say the game does the universe justice.  Catwoman is actually fun to play as well, and she's not too bad to look at as well. Every one of these aspects make this a viable contender for Game of The Year.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Slam Bolt Scrappers

Oh where do I start on Slam Bolt Scrappers, its pretty awesome.  It's pretty hard to explain the game without getting your hands on.  You travel from stage to stage via a map of the world, once on a specific you'll notice the Tetris like grid, but instead of destroying blocks you have to create squares.  Once the squares are created weapons will spawn based on the different colors of the blocks.  The weapons will then be used to destroy your opponents squares.  First guy to destroy the other players squares wins.  Multiplayer is where the game shines for me, since I have people to play right next to me.  No online play just local.  Since I'm not old enough to drink , I cant take advantage of the game's brilliant Beverage mode.  This lets you play with one hand while you drink.  (Its only cool if its Alcohol)  The game is pretty solid once get used to it, and if you have someone close to you the multiplayer is awesome.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

I have been given the great opportunity of trying these headphones, and by trying I mean absconding them away from and unknowing friend.  
Turtle beach has been famous for their high quality headphones.  First thing you'll notice is the hefty price tag, $250 is the average price for it, but you may be able find it cheaper or get for a deal at a Best Buy or Walmart.    The PX5 's surround sound is great, I was hearing sounds from every angle like never before.  You can even connect it via Bluetooth for phone calls or specific music players.    Although I would love to use these with my MAC, its still worth it.  One of my biggest features of these headphones I like is how comfortable the hardware is.  Thats a big part for great headphones.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Forza Motorsport 4

First and foremost I'm not the biggest racing fan in the world.  I'm not going to tweak my car to specific mechanics and customize down to the last detail.  2 years after the previous game came out the guys at Turn 10 have created yet another stellar racing simulator.  The first thing you'll notice is how beautiful the game looks.  It challenges its evil cousin Gran Turismo 5 as best looking racing sim.  The game seems to favor using the controller instead of a racing wheel.  The complete opposite of the game I previously mentioned.  This game is perfect for me because it helps beginners get better at racing, the game provides a lot of feedback on your driving technique.  The game will help you improve your technique in no time.  Solid online play make this the new king of the racing sim market.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Dragon Age II Mark of The Assassin DLC

So I've managed to pry myself away from Gears of War 3 and Dark Souls to get a chance to play the new DLC expansion for Dragon Age II.  First off its much more fun and has a lot more depth than the previous expansion.  The story will immediately engage you and you will be hooked from the start. There’s a twist and big revelation that players can expect to witness near the end of the games expansion.  There are more areas to explore and more enemies to slaughter.  The main character of the pack is Tallis, the awesome assassin, she drives the story to a new level.  Unfortunately she won't be able to join your party at the end of the expansion.  This is the best expansion so far and if Bioware is planning for another story I cant wait.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

As a avid fan on the Dead Rising  as was excited to get another shot as playing as Frank West.  Sandbox mode is awesome period.  The hundreds of zombies on screen has always staggered me even from the first game.  Frank West's trusty camera is back as well, a new mode, area, and a handful of character models are the meat of this game.  The discounted price is always welcomed for me so that justifies my reason for purchasing the game.  There isn't much new with the series so if you've played the series before you know what you're getting into.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: RAGE

As soon as you jump into Rage you’ll notice the beautiful environments accompanied with art and technical prowess that looks almost as good as anything else out there. To wreak havoc in this post-apocalyptic wasteland you will have a very diverse weapon layout that controls very well and feels downright satisfying. To move from objective to objective there are vehicular combat sections that provide a very unique feel and also break up the pace in between missions. These vehicle sections were very fun and I liked them just as much as the regular shoot-outs. The only real drawbacks to Rage in the single-player campaign is that despite the very interesting and talented voice acted characters; surprisingly the story plain and simple, just isn’t very good. This is a letdown because if they had made good use of a very rich setting, interesting locals, and remarkable visuals, this game could have been one of the best games this year. Instead it remains a great and very different first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world with not very much else to explore or immerse you into this beautiful game.

Short And Sweet Review:Spiderman Edge Of Time

I have always been an avid Spiderman fan, from the comics, the shows, and the movies.  Out of the whole marvel world, Spiderman has always been my favorite.  Too bad this game doesn't justify that.  Its been hard to play a good spiderman game ever since spiderman 2 came out.  Snappy writing and solid voice acting have always been apart of the series and it makes a return.  Gameplay is a little buggy but some powers make the fighting cool.  Combat overall is very simple and not difficult at all.  The five hour length justifies my choice of rental.  If you're an hardcore spiderman fan like myself its definitely worth a play through.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Short And Sweet Review:Crysis PS3

Crysis has finally come to consoles this fall, and its better than ever.  Its back with good AI, physics, and gameplay.  This download only contains the single player portion of the 2007 PC GOTY.  The game looks better than the PC version.  Probably because it uses CryENGINE 3, the engine used for Crysis 2.  The engine has been tweaked to allow for even smoother gamplay and a solid framerate.  The game is jaw-dropping to look at.  As you fight Koreans and creepy aliens your eyes will melt at the extremely gorgeous game.  The price comes around at a fair $19.99 price tag or or 1600 MS points if you're on the 360 version.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Dark Souls

Ah, the gut wrenching, controller throwing frustration of Dark Souls.  This is the sequel of the 2009 game of the year Demon Souls.  Its back and more difficulty than ever.  Its not the kind of difficult as a Final Fantasy XII, so its not cheap, you feel in control for every encounter you will have.  The game is gorgeous, especially the wide variety of bosses.  The gameplay is where the game shines though.  The airtight mechanics make this one of the best action rpg games out there.  You are in control of your fate every time you walk around a corridor and see a hopeless skeleton charging at you.  Online is back, its more or less the same as demon souls.  If you've played the previous game you know what youre getting into.  Also one last thing, if you have a headset, I suggest you use them.  The sound will engross you even more into this wonderful universe.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: NBA 2K12

Basketball by far is my favorite sport to play on and off a video game console.  The traditional graphical overhaul of the 2K series astounds me each year not including last years game.  This years game makes a huge jump over 2K11.  Gameplay has always been the core of the series, tight gameplay and a plethora of animations.  Shooting animations has made a huge improvement as well.  You have so much control over your players this time around down to your footwork and deciding which hand to put the ball up with.  My player is a lot faster this time.  Last year it took way too much time before you even got a chance to play in the NBA.  You can actually simulate games so you can actually finish your career.  Association mode is back as well but the Greatest mode is where it shines.  All your stars and more make a comeback.  This mode is so authentic to its specific time period.  This is a great all around package that i can see myself playing for quite a long time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: X-Men Destiny

X-Men is a new entry in the Marvel franchise, and its not looking to good.  I am a huge X-Men fan and i love the universe of it.  Too bad the games just havent been up to par with the movies and shows.  X-Men: Destiny takes place after the death of Charles Xavier as you stand at a memorial peace rally.  You dont control any of your favorite members, you choose one of three pre-molded characters.  These characters dont really have much depth to them, and often I found myself uninterested in them.  This is your standard action-adventure game.  You have a conversation/choice system that relates to Mass Effect but not near as robust as ME. Repetitive missions and dull combat justifies my choice to rent the game.  I did however finish the game.  Other than trophies, I dont see any reason of replaying the game.