Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

After the elongated wait the highly anticipated collection from the good folks at Team Ico.  Right off the bat if you want and action packed gory mess go play God Of War.  you play these games for the experience.  ICO is more about the connection you get with the characters, while Shadow of the Colossus focuses on taking these huge colossi down strategically.  SOC is not as action-packed as Devil May Cry but its still a great time to be had.  The improved framerate and HD visuals benefit both titles significantly, because one of the issues that plagued the PS2 version was a bad frame-rate and screen-tearing.  Both titles in the collection feature 3D support, but Shadow of the Colossus uses it the best, as I've heard.  Trophy support also added makes this a complete and solid game.

Final Score = 9/10
"Great F$%$#@# Game"

Monday, September 26, 2011

Short And Sweet Review FIFA 12

FIFA 12 has always been a big franchise in the video game industry.  Its been the best soccer game for the past several years.  I know its not as big as the NFL in the Americas but across the pond is where this game is really appreciated, and when i say appreciated I mean bought.  Every year this game sells more and more copies.  Not quite as much as your Call Of Duty or your HALO.  This years game focuses heavily on defense.  New animations make this the best looking FIFA yet.  The new Player Impact Engine deserves a mention for making all this action.  Solid online play makes this game complete in every way.

Final Score = 8/10
"Great Game"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Short And Sweet Review : Sony Wireless Headset

Sony has finally put out  a worthy contender for wireless headsets.  Pristine quality and great aesthetics make this a front runner for best headset of the year.  The ease of use for this headset is incredibly easy.  You just plug in your usb dongle and in automatically syncs up to your PS3.  The headset also work well with PC and MAC.  The 7.1 virtual surround sound, although not the greatest I’ve ever experienced in a headset, was worth of a honorable mention.  THe surround sound won't replace your over-priced Bose system but its still holds up quite well.  I forgot to mention that this package is only for $99.  This is a steal for any hardcore player.

FINAL SCORE = 9.5/10

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Bastion

Bastion is a unique game right off the bat, when you first start up the game you'll notice the beautiful artistic style.  Its something worth mentioning, I fell in love with the style in no time.  The game is an action based rpg genre mixed together beautifully.  The voice overs are the stand out part of the games presentation, especially the games narrator.  The games diversity and numerous ways to customize your character and your experience. The games action is great, this is where I believe the game shines.  Solid action and great storytelling make this a must buy on XBLA.

Short And Sweet Review: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex is a great game that offers exploration, stealth, combat, and an upgrade system that combines all these elements into a great game. You take on the role of Adam Jensen who works as the head of security for a biotechnology corporation known as Sarif Industries. DE provides multiple ways to almost every situation you will face, from deciding whether or not to attack in run and guns style or you could find an alternate route by adopting a more stealthy approach, it’s all up to you.  Stale bosses and brainless AI weigh this game from its full potential.  Deus Ex provides a great experience and a unique one at that.

Final Score = 8/10
"Great Game"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Gears Of War 3

The epic conclusion to the behemoth 360 exclusive series is finally upon us and all I can say is wow.  This is hands down the best of the series.  This could be the best game for 360 this year.  The GOW formula is back with awesome brutality and solid gunplay.  The story is what impressed me the most about the game.  It invokes emotion in ways I would never think a "dude" military shooter would.  The online portion received a major upgrade this year with the addition of dedicated servers.  So the buggy online of GOW 2 is now in the past.  Beast mode has potential to be something great.  I'm excited to play this throughout the year.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Community Announcement: Nintendo Reviewers

Community Annoucement : Now that my blog has finally gotten off the ground I need some fellow up-and coming reviewers to help out with the Nintendo side of games.  So if you're interested just tweet me or send me a email.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Short and Sweet Review: Call Of Juarez The Cartel

Oh the great series of Call Of Juarez has been good to me so far, emphasis on so far.  The Cartel moves far away from the formula of the previous games.  Instead of being in the old west you are in the modern day.  The Cartel tells the story of three law enforcement officers trying to fix the huge mexican cartel problem.  The game has serious issues, frame rate problems frequently take me out of the game.  The sound makes me cringe at times, it sounds like they recorded the voice-overs in a box. Multiplayer is where you can get the most of the game.  Cooperative play is the best part of the game.  Other than that the game really lacks.

Final Score = 6/10

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Short and Sweet Review : God of War Origins

One of my most favorite PS3 franchises has to be the God of War series.  God of War 3 was my favorite game of 2010.  Since I don't have a psp this collection was a definite purchase for me personally.  If you haven't already played these games then you have to get this package.  The combat holds up perfectly from the psp transition.  The graphical comparisons from each game are present.  Ghost of Sparta looks a lot better than Chains of Olympus.  Not to say that Chains of Olympus looks good but its definitely noticeable.  I dont have a 3D TV but the option is there for all you rich folk out theren and word on the street is that it looks very well on both games.  Other than that this is the true God of War formula.  Great action, great voice acting, and great story.

Final Score = 9/10
"Great F***$$$ Game!"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Bodycount

Oh where can I begin on Bodycount,  its a generic military shooter that takes place in a bland but colorful world.  Theres not much new to this sequel to the critically acclaimed ps2 game Black.  There is the new score chaser counter that is similar to Epic's and People Can Fly's game Bulletstorm that does it better every possible way.  Although Bodycount does have its merits like its cool explosions and over the top set pieces.  The graphics doesn't take advantage of the next-gen power of the PS3.  Multiplayer is your generic score based team deathmatch modes.

Final Score = 6/10

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: NHL 12

Before I review this let me just say that I'm not the biggest hockey fan but I still enjoy playing the games with friends.  NHL 12 does enough improvements to justify laying down 60 bucks of your hard earned cash.  First of all the game looks great.  I bought the 360 version this time instead of the PS3 version.  So I don't know if they're the same game.  The physics engine is improved from previous entries for maximum enjoyment.  One of the biggest feature is the Dynamic Goalie.  That is awesome on its on.  Online is solid as always.  The mode that I had the most fun was the improved Be A Pro mode.  I've already clocked in many hours with BAP mode.  I say if you're a hardcore hockey fan this is a definite buy, and for casual fans give it a rental and try it first.

Final Score = 8/10
"Best Sports Game Of The Year So Far"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Resistance 3

One of the biggest games of the year has finally arrived.  After the three year wait, the follow up to one of the biggest PS3 exclusives ever Resistance 2, the third installment looks to build up on critically acclaimed sequel.  Right off the bat you'll notice how good the game looks compared to the previous game.  Its not quite on the level of a Killzone or Uncharted but it does the system justice.  Fun gameplay and awesome guns make this the best of the series.  The Move controls are fair but you are gonna wind up using a controller.  The online is good but not great.  It won't hold you as long as a Call of Duty might hold you but its still satisfying.

Final Grade: 9/10
“Go and Buy This F*@@*$* Now”! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Dead Island

Well the good folks over at Techland has brought us this new and unique take on over-exposed zombie game genre. Four words, Dead Island is awesome! You will have so much fun with this game. It has a unique blend of shooting, driving, melee, and exploring to keep you engrossed well beyond the 15 hour mark. Where you’ll probably spend the most time is the multiplayer. There wasn’t any game breaking lag. I can’t speak on the Xbox 360 version of the game since I was on the PS3 the whole time.

Final Grade = 9/10

“Go and Buy This F*@@*$* Now”!      

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Short And Sweet Review: Madden 12

I know you all are wondering about this years new Madden game.  Three words, don't bother playing.  Want another five, keep playing the last game.  This years game is just Madden 11 with a fresh coat of paint with a couple of new graphics.  At least the guys at EA Tiburon got rid of the pre-snap hitch that dreaded the series the past four years.  Otherwise still same solid gameplay, lackluster franchise mode which will bore you after the first or second year, online is also pretty solid.  So if you're a hardcore madden player, sure go drop the $60 bucks on it, otherwise past on this iteration.

Short and Sweet Review = 7/10
"Meehh, If you must"