Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sony removes recently added PSone & PSP classic games from Vita store

PS Vita owners were surprised to find that almost every PSone classic and PSP game had been added to the handheld console’s store earlier this week. It seems that the move was made in error, as all of the added games have been removed.

North American PS Plus offerings for May revealed

After the reveal for the EU Plus update for May, Sony of America has revealed what NA users will be getting next month.  Check it out below.

PS4 Getting MP3 Playback Soon, Latest Firmware Update Has Unannounced Features - Rumor

Industry insider Tidux, who is well known for having revealed quite a few features of the PS4′s operating system and UI before they were unveiled, has been teasing the possibility of MP3 playback coming to PS4 for a while, and now he's pretty much saying that it's coming this month. 

Microsoft Q3 – 2 million Xbox units, including 1.2 million Xbox One consoles sold-in

Microsoft announced revenue of $20.4 billion for Q3 FY13 ended March 31, 2014 with net income coming in at $5.66 billion.

S&S Tech Review: HTC One (M8)

HTC continues to impress in the smartphone department, as they up the ante yet again with the new HTC One M8.

Bound by Flame Runs At Native 1080p on PS4, Has A Variable 30-60 Frame Rate

Those interested in picking up the PS4 version of Bound By Flame will be interested to know that the game runs at native 1080p resolution with a variable frame rate from 30-60.

Watch Dogs 2 development won’t take as long as original, says Morin

Watch Dogs 2 isn’t actually happening just yet, according to creative director Jonathan Morin, but if it was he feels it wouldn’t take as long to make as the original.

H1Z1 monetization will include wearables, but not ammo, guns or food, says Smedley

H1Z1 developer Sony Online Entertainment has started internal discussions concerning the zombie sandbox game’s monetization model. Company president John Smedley has posted minutes of the first meeting online, stressing that while wearable can be bought in-game, several key items cannot.

Epic teases new game that will “push next generation graphics,” plus more Unreal Engine 4 titles

Epic Games has bounced back from a period of relative quiet with a string of new Fortnite reveals, and its VR title Couch Knights. However, studio co-founder Tim Sweeney has teased another “high end” game that will “push next generation graphics.”

Evolve: new trailer shows 4v1 battle with commentary

Evolve has received a new trailer out of Turtle Rock Studios and publisher 2K. It’s a pretty cool showing of what seems to be a blast of a game.  Check it out below.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Watch Dogs looks 'identical' on Xbox One & PS4

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Watch Dogs look "identical" to one another, according to animation director Colin Graham, who believes that players' TVs will make a bigger difference to the way the game looks than either of the two consoles.